In 2019 my grandad passed away and then in March 2020  my best friend of 20 years passed away from a short illness with Cancer. A year later I was still struggling especially with the loss of my friend, I would cry on a daily basis and wear her perfume to help me through the day.

I had 6 sessions of counselling which were a good platform for me to be able to talk however; it didn’t touch the sides. 

I had heard of RTT but wasn’t sure if it was for me. I spoke with Kym about it and she explained the process to me. In March I had the therapy, it was intense and very emotional but I would explain it as the “best thing I have ever done”

It became clear that I was having strong feelings of guilt and it was consuming me. Thanks to Kym I was able to identify where the guilt came from and process it. I am now able to grieve and treasure the memories of the times I shared with my loved ones. It has truly transformed me and given me my life back.


Thanks to Kymmi and the RTT therapy, I can see and feel a massive improvement in my life already and I am only 13 days into listening to my recording.


Kymmi guided me with care and compassion through my session. She helped me to understand the connection from when i was 14 years old, where I didn't feel supported by others. I felt pressure to provide for my family which has had a huge impact on my life resulting in headaches.


Immediately after the therapy I felt calm and relaxed. I am so grateful, I have realised that I am my biggest support to myself. This has given me lots of confidence!

Thank you Kymmi for helping me see and realise that it is okay to ask for help and accept help. The chronic daily headaches are fading and I can't believe it!

K.R - NHS Nurse

At the start of my journey with Kymmi, I had no idea that I had buried so much resentment and wounding from the past. I thought I had some blocks around self worth but didn't expect to surface so much hidden grief.


Kymmi had guided me to the root cause of the things that were blocking my progress in life. I have found new freedom from my past and I have moved confidently into my new business pride. 


I no longer fear what others think of me. It has been a truly life changing process that is worth every penny and more! Thank you Kymmi, forever grateful.

A.S - Buisness owner